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take a look at Detroit

January 4, 2010 19 comments

By Craig Harris
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This is your country. Take a look at Detroit. Detroit is one of many US cities which has lost it’s manufacturing base. Along with that comes a 50 percent unemployment rate.

Detroit’s Unemployment Rate Is Nearly 50%, According to the Detroit News
Officially, Detroit’s unemployment rate is just under 30 percent. But the city’s mayor and local leaders are suggesting a far more disturbing figure — the actual jobless rate, they say, is closer to 50 percent. As many have noted, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which culls federal unemployment data, does not account for all of the jobless in its widely-quoted national unemployment figures. Among those omitted: part-time workers who are looking for full-time jobs and frustrated job seekers who abandon their job search altogether.

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Detroit homes sell for $1 amid mortgage and car industry crisis
One in five houses left empty as foreclosures mount and property prices drop by 80%
By Chris McGreal, in Detroit,
Tuesday 2 March 2010

Detroit wants to save itself by shrinking
Blighted city considers plan to turn large swaths of land back into fields
Detroit, the very symbol of American industrial might for most of the 20th century, is drawing up a radical renewal plan that calls for turning large swaths of this now-blighted, rusted-out city back into the fields and farmland that existed before the automobile.