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September 1, 2013 Leave a comment

We are pleased to announce a new subscription mechanism for the EarthBlog News [EBN], along with a new trial subscription offer.

Details can be found at the new transmission link.


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The Heat Boffinator

April 30, 2013 5 comments

Presenting an experimental heating appliance with the following attributes:

  • Power Ventilation ensures adequate draft tested to 10 pascals negative pressure
  • Multi Fuel
  • >99 percent of combustion heat into living space for high efficiency
  • sealed combustion chamber = very low interior emissions
  • low temperature / low emission exhaust
  • quick modular disassembly for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • pre heated fresh air intake
  • 1000+ hours in use operation

The Heat Boffinator

photo1 (1)

The main working components [modified] are

  • Morso 1410 “Squirrel” wood burning stove [mod= functional lower vent]
  • Magic Heat Air to Air heat Exchanger [mod = 120F thermal switch and wiring changes]
  • Tjernlund AD-1 – Auto-Draft Draft Inducer [mod = mechanical ]
  • 2″x5.7″ circular catalytic converter module [no mod]

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How Technology is Destroying the Arts

Editors Note: For the purposes of this article, we will ignore the fact that the bulk of the profits for art have always been delivered mostly to the parasitic entities which surround the artists such as record companies, studios, promoters and distributors. We will assume the artists fraction is relatively constant, and ignore the fact that direct artist to consumer music publishing is now possible because of technology. Conversely, we will also ignore the fact that technology has allowed a proliferation of amateur artists to publish their art for free.

There is one unchanging feature about technology.  In a continuous process, the technology becomes ever smaller, faster, and cheaper.

150 years ago, if you wanted to hear a song, you had to hire live musicians. In buildings still standing, we see examples of old mansions, castles and the like where a studio was provided for musicians to perform, and the sound was vented throughout the estate. 150 years ago, if you wanted music you had to be an elite member of society who was able to afford to hire musicians to perform. All music heard was performed live by artists. Without technological progress it would be this way today.

Fast Forward-

The first video cassette recorders became available in the 1970’s. For the first time, this allowed consumers to watch movies at home. The same technology also allowed illegal copies of movies to be made and distributed.

The first computers came onto the scene in the early 1980’s. If you bought the super deluxe IBM model, it came with a hard disk about the size of a shoe box, which had enough storage capacity to store one or two modern mp3 songs.

Fast Forward-

Now only 30 years later you can store a lifetime collection of songs on something the size of your finger which you can keep on a keychain. You can even have it all stored right on your telephone. Countless people have digitized everything they own and listen to it anywhere they want.

The current state of the art allows you can store thousands of full length movies on a computer hard drive. You may not be able to carry them all around on a keychain yet, but that day will come soon enough.

It is no coincidence that as we have gone from 8 track tapes or cassettes and vinyl albums to ipods, that there has been a continuous decline in record sales.  In the old “analog” days, it was quite a time consuming feat to make a copy of a song. Furthermore, there was a degradation in the sound quality from every generation dub. If you wanted to listen to music, you had to either listen to it on the radio, buy the vinyl album, or buy the cassette tape. Because of the arduous task of copying, if you wanted to listen to your favorite artist at home and in your car, you had to purchase two copies. When you stepped on your album and cracked it, or when it wore out…when your 8 track player barfed up your tape after 20 plays….you had to go and pay the same amount all over again for a new copy. The cost of a given song then relative to income compared today was many times higher.

The key point to understand is that as we entered the digital realm of CD’s, mp3’s, computers file sharing, and now real time network streaming…and as technology has become faster, better, smaller, it has also become possible to duplicate 5 or 10 thousand songs in a few seconds. On a modern high speed network you can transfer the lifetimes work of any artist in a flash. You can browse and watch as many movies as you like on netflix as fast as you can press a button.

An entire lifetime of work….in 5 seconds. Think about that. An artist’s entire lifetime of production, or maybe a novel that took someone 10 years to write, moving from point a to point b in the blink of an eye. Think about a writer spending 5 or 10 years in front of a keyboard or typewriter, only to have the masterpiece transmitted to 100,000 people for free in an instant.

30 years ago with vinyl albums and tapes, this kind of duplication effort would have been a monumental task. It would have required an endless supply of expensive tapes, and when completed all the work would be inferior second generation copies. Copying a book was basically impossible.

So while copying personal music, movies or books for personal use may or may not be illegal, copying it for distribution clearly is illegal. That said, there will always be people around willing to use the technology for illegal purposes. This is also a constant. In spite of any law or protection mechanism that can be devised, there will always be an element willing to get around it. Because of this fact, the relentless march of technology will continue to drive down the value of art. There is no stopping it.

So at this point in time, the current state of the art in technology has already caused a proliferation of music. Does anyone remember riding their bicycle to a friends house to spend an hour listening to a Beatles record? When a middle school kid today can go over to his friends house and download 10,000 songs off of his keychain in 5 minutes, music proliferates. When file sharing services distribute the lifetimes work of an artist in a few seconds, the music becomes ubiquitous. Some of the younger generation today for example refuse to pay for music. With Pandora and on line streaming, there is so much choice this is now a valid option.

Does anyone remember the ubiquitous movie rental stores from two decades ago? The cost to rent a movie, not including gas and other incidentals was 2 or 3 dollars.

Today, a streaming netflix subscription costs 10 dollars a month with six allowed devices. If six people each watch one movie per day this is 180 movies a month or an average cost of 18 cents a movie.  What we can see from this is that the value of the art is declining due to technology.  When inflation is factored in, the real decline in price from 2 or 3 dollars to 18 cents is even more dramatic. This trend will continue unabated. The big media owners will attempt to stop it, or thwart it, but to no avail. So far, the new business model of suing their customers has not alleviated the problem.

Now we get back to supply and demand. If the music becomes ubiquitous, the price of the music or the value of the art goes down, however you want to look at it. As the value of the art goes down, there is less available profit for the artists to support themselves.

Today if you do a calculation that takes into account the amount of “free” (mostly illegal) music, the cost to legitimately download a song from itunes or equivalent, plus the giant proliferation of quasi legal offshore distribution sites, you come up with the average value of a hit song at about $.35 cents a copy (some fraction have paid $1.00, some have paid less, some have paid nothing).

Now lets take that .35 cents and talk about a “gold record”. Every artist strives to reach this pinnacle of success. According to the definition, a gold record is 500,000 copies. A platinum single is 2 million copies sold.

So lets go with that. Lets say as an artist you have struggled your entire career, and finally have a platinum single. Looked at another way, you have produced art that 2 million people want. At .35 cents a copy, that’s $700,000 dollars. Out of this $700,000, the cost of production, mixing and mastering, advertising and promotion, as well as distribution and channel sales, then finally wholesale and retail markup all have to be deducted. So this amount of money today isn’t going to buy a lot of rolls royces and learjets. Unless a profitable tour can be undertaken, this platinum recording probably becomes a loss.

It is no coincidence that the stables of the large record companies continue to decline and now support only a few broad appeal mega pop artists who have to be palatable to a mass audience. Otherwise, they are not a viable economic undertaking. Unfortunately for the patron of the arts, there is very little artistic value in this whole mass appeal contrived persona endeavor.

So in the case of illegal copying and downloading, the value of a lifetime of work for a one in a million talent is already reduced to zero. The cost of good quality high fidelity classical music from legitimate sources is already zero. It is no coincidence that symphonic orchestras are shuttering their doors around the world.

The point is that when there is less profit, there is less economic incentive to produce art. As there becomes ever less profit, there becomes ever less incentive. The art becomes economically not viable.

So without getting caught up in the details of the numbers, the important point is that as the technology becomes more advanced, for all these reasons the value of the art declines. As the value of the art declines, the number of artists which can be supported by quantity [x] of art declines.

As technology continues to advance,  how long will it be before you can have 10,000 movies on your keychain? At the present rate, maybe another decade.

What happens when we get to the point where technology would allow a copy of every movie ever made or every song ever written to be on your keychain?

What if you could go to a flea market and buy a keychain storage device with a copy of every movie ever made for $50? or $10. This would put the value of a movie at a few cents, and in many cases this would render the movie making process economically non viable.

If an underground character can buy a storage device for 5 dollars, and load a billion dollars of content he got for free to that, then resell it for ten dollars, he made 100 percent rate of return on capital. So it is the ability of the technology to do that, which drives the whole process.

Technology WILL make this happen. There is no law or treatise which will stop it. The technology will facilitate it, and there will always be an element willing to skirt the law or hack whatever protection can be devised. Because of this fact, the value of art in real terms, for any art which can be digitized and copied,  is destined to move ever lower. Maybe all aspiring artists should turn to sculpture?

The paradox-

Technology provided a “golden age”, where we went from having floor space in your living room for a quartet, to being able to electronically record a performance and duplicate it for the masses. This period has now passed. The profitability of all art is now declining.

So summarizing, what we can see now is that the price of a unit of art will continue to decline as technology progresses. This will be true for music, movies, artwork, photographs, fiction and non fiction books, or anything which can be digitized.  As the art and content becomes less and less commercially and economically viable, it can support fewer artists. As this happens, talented artists will enter other pursuits and endeavors because everyone has to eat. Collectively, this will reduce the quality of the art available, because some people who would have gone on to produce great art will instead choose a vocation that allows them to be fed.

The arts are dying. Technology is killing them.

For further reading about how technology is affecting our lives, please see Rise of the Machines.


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Food and You

May 24, 2011 8 comments

Editors comment:  The worlds food supply is becoming toxic. Caveat Emptor

One of the most basic things we all have in common as human beings is the requirement for food. We all have to eat.

With that said….

A gross distortion has been laid upon us all by big government, big corporations and big food who are driven by a primary motive to maximize their profits.

This gross distortion is that the food we consume simply consists of protein, fat, carbohydrates and a handful of vitamins and minerals all carefully laid out on the side of some government label…as if every item you consume can all be compared on these simple minded characteristics.

This is a gross distortion;  a dangerous oversimplification.

Governments and global mega food conglomerates would like you to draw little or no distinction between food and health. If you don’t have rickets, you’re ok. If you do, take a pill.

If you become ill, it has nothing to do with the food you have been consuming or not consuming. What you are supposed to buy into is the idea that If the essential vitamins are listed on the package, this is all you need to guide your eating habits. This is how their medical establishment is trained. It is a gross simplification or even a nullification of common sense. It is an attempt to dump inferior quality profit maximized food on the public while passing it off as “the same thing” or “as good as” wholesome natural food.

Recent studies confirm that our food consists of not just what you are eating, but rather a culmination of everything in the food chain that went into what you are eating. The food chain cannot be dissected and compartmentalized. Everything affects everything.

It is entirely possible and even likely that entire classes of compounds exist in our food which have yet to even be identified, and yet have an impact on human health.

Most of the commercial food we consume today has been heat treated, irradiated or pasteurized to prevent contamination and yield a longer shelf life. Pasteurized orange juice for example tastes entirely different than Fresh Orange Juice. Why? What has been killed or altered during the heat treatment process that changes the taste? What important components or compounds of the food might we be killing with heat or radiation that we don’t even know exist?

While big corporations, big government and their shill agencies driven by the profit motive would like you to believe that it all boils down to a handful of essential vitamins, we are finding that food consists of millions of chemical compounds, some in minute quantities, which are beneficial or essential for good health and warding off disease.

Some of these compounds have been found to  kill cancer cells or in general prevent diseased states or protect against disease states. When these important chemical constituents go missing from the food you eat, disease states will result. Many of the pharmaceuticals prescribed for disease are merely concentrations or man made versions of these natural compounds which should be present in the food we eat, but often aren’t.

The fish you eat is a product of what it ate, where it lived, and what was or was not contained in the millions of gallons of water it filtered through it’s gills and thus concentrated into it’s own body during it’s lifetime. Importantly, it is also a product of the health and genetic composition of it’s parents. For example, it has been found an animal raised on GMO feed passes the genetic changes associated with that food consumption on to it’s offspring. This is also true of you and the food you consume.

The milk you are drinking is a product of everything that went into the cow that made the milk and the health of the animal which produces it. Thus milk containing antibiotics and other drugs from a stall raised cow would in no way be expected to be nutritionally equivalent to milk produced from healthy grazing animals, although the labels on the two products would indicate they are the same thing.

The spinach you eat is a product of what nutrients were in the soil it was grown in, the water, the fertilizer, and every other nutrient or lack of nutrient present during it’s growth.

As human consumers we have several issues to deal with regarding the modern food supply

  • -beneficial compounds which should be present in our food for good health, but aren’t
  • -harmful and toxic compounds which should not be present in our food, but are
  • -diets which contain very little of the beneficial compounds and a lot of harmful compounds

Given our limited but ever expanding knowledge about food, it is probable that we do not even know today the complete list of beneficial and harmful compounds.

We may not have yet identified all of the beneficial compounds in the food we eat, but we do know that the current mainstream food supply consists of a worrisome cadre of adulterants.

  • -Genetic modifications
  • -pollution and man made chemical compounds creeping into the food chain which may or may not be toxic
  • -chemical adulterants and additives
  • -lack of important compounds which traditional farming methods produce
  • -additives which increase profits but which are void of important chemicals and compounds

One of the most frightening aspects of the modern food supply is genetic modification. When did the public give their consent to have their food engineered by chemical companies? It has already been found that the genetic modification of food not only affects what consumes it, but also it’s offspring. With 70 percent of the food on the shelves today being genetically modified, this food is changing our DNA. It will affect your children. In what ways, no one knows yet. For further reading, see Genetically Modified Food Will Cause a Global Humanitarian Disaster.

Another frightening aspect of the adulteration of our food supply is the known toxicity of certain man made chemicals at extremely low levels. Certain toxic waste such as dioxin is toxic at levels approaching one drop in an olympic sized swimming pool and yet the food chain is absorbing billions of pounds of these chemicals every year. It is already recommended that we limit our seafood consumption due to concerns about mercury poisoning. How many millions of  man made chemicals are present in our food at very low concentrations which may still accumulate in our bodies and harm us? No one is able to tell us.Our food is not tested for these millions of man made chemicals. We make the assumption that all of these chemicals somehow just disappear and never end up in the food we eat.

It is probable that there are hundreds of thousands of chemicals in actual real food grown in the ground or killed in action as it was for thousands upon millions of years which are all required for good human health, and were all present in the diets of our healthy ancestors. It is also probable that because most of the food we consume no longer contains these compounds, that it is making us sick or more vulnerable to various disease states. Our bodies are large chemical processing plants. Our health is entirely dependent on the fuel we use to run our bodies. Our bodies have a finite capacity to deal with toxins and conversely to synthesize important compounds which should be, but aren’t in our food.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you exactly which chemicals do which things and why you need them, that is beyond our current capability as homo sapien tards. I am writing this because I know it to be true,  even if I can’t necessarily prove it yet. Time and history will prove it for me.

The point is that the mcfood thing here in 2011 doesn’t have any of these things you need and does have everything you don’t want. It’s a bio engineered laboratory creation whose long term effect on your health is entirely unknown. It may taste good but it’s killing you.

The third generation of hamsters eating GMO food had hair growing out of their mouths. Does that help?

This is one of the primary reasons why human disease rates are set to skyrocket in the coming decades. The food doesn’t have the chemicals it should have in order for your continued health, and it has man made chemicals your body doesn’t know what to do with or how to handle; like radioactivity.

For the masses, food is becoming a toxic mcthing with a government label that indicates it has everything you need.

The dilemma for modern consumers is that the food on the shelves contain items which may range from good for you, to ok for you to mild or slightly toxic to carcinogenic to body altering or disease state producing all with identical labels. It is virtually impossible for even an informed consumer to know. Maybe those “organic” farm raised shrimp from asia were fed melamine and raised in a pond full of antibiotics to keep them alive. Do you want to eat that?

Given that most of us do not have the luxury of growing our own wholesome and nutritious food, the food you are shopping for is a shot in the dark. You’re supposed to look at two government labels and compare a twinkie to a handful of spinach grown in Fukishima or a New Zealand ranch. GMO corn is supposed to be the same thing as natural corn. A can of beans is supposed to be the same thing as beans you picked from your backyard garden. You’re supposed to equate a cloned engineered cow given enough antibiotics to keep it alive until they slaughter it to one who had a mother and grew up in the sun eating grass.


We are all on our own here.  It’s your own health we’re talking about.  The authors recommendation is to do some research on your own. Eat a wide variety of food which comes from sources as close to nature as possible. Avoid man made creations like diet sodas. Use your own common sense and endeavor to seek out healthy, wholesome food. Try growing some food yourself if you are able and if it is not prohibited by your government.

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Colloidal Silver the Right Way

May 21, 2011 6 comments

Link to full size drawing

Medical uses of silver
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The medical uses of silver include its incorporation into wound dressings to treat external infections, and its use as an antiseptic and disinfectant in medical appliances. Silver is also promoted within alternative medicine in the form of colloidal silver, although its use is controversial.

The silver ion (Ag+) is bioactive and in sufficient concentration readily kills bacteria in vitro. Silver also kills bacteria in external wounds in living tissue, so physicians use wound dressings containing silver sulfadiazine (Ag-SD) or silver nanomaterials to treat external infections.[1][2][3][4][5] Wound dressings containing silver are increasing in importance due to the recent increase of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as MRSA.[6] The disinfectant properties of silver are used in medical applications, such as urinary catheters and endotracheal breathing tubes, where the silver content is effective in reducing incidences of catheter-related urinary tract infections and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), respectively.[7][8][9][10] Silver is also used in bone prostheses, reconstructive orthopaedic surgery and cardiac devices,[11] as well as on surfaces and fabrics to reduce the spread of infection.[12][13]

Since the 1990s, “colloidal silver”, a liquid suspension of microscopic silver particles, has been marketed as an alternative medicine, often claiming impressive “cure-all” qualities. The effectiveness of these products has never been scientifically proven, and in some jurisdictions, it is currently illegal to include such claims in product advertisements.[14] Medical authorities and publications advise against the ingestion of colloidal silver preparations, because of their lack of proven effectiveness and because of the risk of adverse side effects, such as argyria.[2][15][16][17] Historically, colloidal silver was also used as an internal medication to treat a variety of diseases. Their use was largely discontinued in the 1940s, due to the development of safe and effective modern antibiotics and concern about adverse side effects.[17][18]

Meet the New Bolsheviks

April 20, 2011 38 comments

EarthBlog News


Tiny URL:

Editors Note: “This essay portrays a future world where a very few own and control everything, while everyone else has nothing. No money, no power, no voice, no rights, no security and no dignity. Kings hiding behind the politicians ruling serfs. Apply whatever label you like to that eventuality because the label is meaningless. All that matters is what it is.”

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812)

They own you and project their power through your government via control of the money and effective ownership of the entire political bodies of nation states. They allocate the wealth. They own the media from which to manufacture all necessary consent for their actions against you, your country and your way of life. They believe they are gods on earth and that you are to be used until you are used up, only for their benefit. In their eyes we are all are sub human swine. You are actively encouraged not to think, and not to notice. – Meet the New Bolsheviks

As citizens of the world we are told that all of our issues boil down to left versus right and that we can all be categorized as one or the other. We are encouraged to argue among ourselves. While they own the corporations which count the votes, we are all told we have a choice. While two or more parties ostensibly share power in member nation states, all flavors of all parties promoted to contenders by their media are practically indistinguishable in their actions regardless of what they say. They all worship their masters, the people who control the private corporations which control the money.

We are told that in the US a New Pearl Harbor manufactured the consent for an an endless war. We are told for our own protection we must we relinquish our rights and civil liberties, we are told we must sacrifice and reduce our standard of living, although the physics prevent this narrative from being true.

We are all now bombarded daily with propaganda which defines our world emanating from a handful of mouths, all carrying the same monolithic message disguised as news or couched as left or right to keep a tired illusion going.

We have watched a network of private international banks keep the profits when they gambled and won, and how the people have met their margin calls when they lost. We have watched them do as they please and command our politicians to go against the wishes of the people they ostensibly represent without even any consequences.

We have watched them coerce free markets and free market capitalism into a fraudulent, manipulation of the truth via financial derivatives backed by an infinite printing press and now  constant covert market interventions and financial trickery such as buying or selling puts on their own debt whose only legitimacy rests on the peoples ability to perform future labor.

We have lived through the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world where the people lost their wealth, the wealth was re created via journal entries, and that wealth was then distributed to their banks as they increase their worldwide domination and indespensibility. We have watched their media mask and ignore the fraud, corruption and malfeasance. We have watched the politicians stand aside as they cower in fear of prosecuting the crimes of the people and entities who own them;  the people they owe their continued political existence to.

Now in 2011 this privately owned international consortium effectively owns everything. They own entire countries including the one which spends more on military machines than all others combined.

On our behalf as people of the world, the people who control the money and the power have indebted the citizens of the USA which sponsors the worlds reserve currency up to and beyond the point which they can ever repay.  This roots their entire financial architecture in a debt which can never be repaid no matter how hard the people work.

This ponzi fraud not worthy of a cheap touring carnival has effectively rendered the citizens of the world as a collective indentured servant. This is the modern version of chattel slavery without the shackles, and the fallout is beginning.

While the future obligations levied upon the government and thus the population approach 200 trillion dollars in the land of the western world reserve currency, the current revenue towards these obligations is less than 2 trillion a year. Not only the citizens of the USA, but all citizens of the western world from Iceland to Greece to Spain to the UK to the USA have all been bankrupted by orders of magnitude.

The international financial consortium has effectively already transferred the future labor of the populations of the world to themselves. They have given themselves an advance payment on labor you have yet to perform, and if it is not performed, ratings downgrades from their ratings agencies will surely result in a bankruptcy, a default, and a revolution from which they will assign their new sycophant.

In this sophisticated financial shell game which only one in a million can even understand, this architected collapse and resultant wealth transfer is being masked. A collapse is being turned into a decay via their so called quantitative easing, the same strategy of  zimbabwe.

Instead of a dislocation, the citizens of the western world will austerity imposed upon them by their new overlords, the IMF and the World Bank. It will be up to the local politicians to decide what to call it and how to roll it out. To date this rollout is going more successfully in some countries than in others.  Importantly, at this point it is entirely unclear if this austerity can be effectively imposed without civil unrest, which would be met with their police force and armored cars for the oligarchs as well as increased global uncertainty and chaos.

The shareholders of these private entities, the people who own the shares of the Federal Reserve Corporation, the Bank of England, the IMF and the World Bank and so on, these gods on earth would like to own it all, and now effectively they do. The nations are so dependent on this global syndicate that their continued existence is assured. Smart people educated in their institutions are not supposed to notice, but the elephant is increasingly difficult to hide. The fraud now requires total control over information.

In the culmination of a 300 year old pre meditated plan, the politicians of the world are beholden to what is effectively an international organized crime syndicate. A supra national gang of satanic psychopaths owned by a handful of people, because their continued political existence requires the output of their private corporate printing press.

The politicians, the heads of state have all been reduced to feet lickers. They are sycophants, puppets, middlemen. They require their international consortium of money masters printing press, and yet the people revolt. They are sponsored and given their authority to rule only by their masters and the media their masters own.

For the politicians of the world continued loyalty to the printing press, the inexorable mound of ever increasing and unpayable debt, and for the continued praise of it and their masters, they are allowed to continue in their roles. Any deviation from the script is met with a prompt character assassination, and the politicians of the world all know it so they all tread cautiously. They are careful what they say and how they say it.

There is rarely a sincere word spoken in international politics today, and when there is it is usually followed up by a character assassination in the news of the world.

Now because of this unpayable debt comes austerity to the western world. The debt will be inflated away as the people pay for the debt levied on them further transferring wealth and control to the international consortium.

The explanation of course for FED loans to international banks and cayman island bank accounts is that the FED, the IMF and all of these other private corporations are all owned and controlled by the same families which founded the institutions in the first place, and this ownership along with the rules of the road transcends national boundaries. These are among the questions never asked publicly, who are the owners of these institutions and what do they stand for? If they were asked, the people of the world would quickly realize we are all being governed by a handful of people who control the shares of the syndicate.

The fallacy is that the US or any other western country politicians are in control. They are playing a narrative role. They are the left vs right smokescreen which keeps the people occupied while their nations are looted. The heads of state are sponsored. The politicians have a loosely assigned script to work from. They are team players or they are gone.  They are figureheads, mascots, puppets, shills, middle men. They are the face of the money men who control their every action. Most of their people are not sophisticated or educated enough to understand. No one within the realm of their media ownership is going to tell them.

After demonstrating that no audit or financial oversight of any kind will ever be required or allowed, the owners and the controllers of these banks and international networks will now further consolidate their wealth, power and control while the people struggle to repay the debt levied on them. These debts levied upon them without consent are debts created from money out of thin air. Keystrokes on computers have allocated the majority of the worlds wealth to the small cadre of shareholders, the families and people who control this global financial oligarchy.

This consortium can only continue to exist in it’s current form because they have the ability to promote their propaganda via the media they own…for the pittance they hand out to their sycophants and shills.  The people are to be infotained, propagandized and dumbed down. They are discouraged from asking questions. It is now agreed upon that in all the nations they own, any disagreement with the party line makes you the enemy.  They are attempting to project a monolithic culture over the world as they squeeze the people empty.

The truth has become the enemy of the people who own the money, the power, the perception, the politicians and entire nations. This is a very precarious position for the world.

In the seat of power in the nation of the worlds reserve currency, a wholly corrupt and broken architecture now revolves around a constitution which is no longer in effect. The people who control the money control everything. The people are not supposed to notice. They are supposed to be relinquishing their former rights due to a now endless war which has been justified only by their media and sponsored sycophant organizations and think tanks.

The people are to be arguing among themselves about left vs right while both parties appear to be indistinguishable in their relationship with the banks, the money and the power, and everything that translates into something that matters. The people are conditioned to be following the instructions during these wars of conquest for which the consent they manufactured and paid for.

A constant barrage of propaganda has been inflected on the citizens of the world by the media networks owned by these consortium’s as they plot their path to own and control everything.

These wars of conquest, this hijacking of entire armies by the people who control the money, the power and the perception, these wars that further decimate the balance sheets of their countries of origin serve only to further enrich this global syndicate at the people’s expense. The corruption is entrenched. It is systemic. It will not go away on it’s own.

The wars are for profit and control. They are for the expansion of central banks and to create new central banks owned by the same interests. The reasons for the wars are entirely manufactured by their sycophants and their media. They own the politicians. They own the armies. They own the people.

Regardless of what country you live in they tell you to be afraid. They tell you to be willing to make sacrifices to support the continued existence of the ever fewer ever more powerful financial institutions which the politicians and you are all now beholden to. They are filling everyone full of themselves.

The pre eminent property owned by this global financial oligarchy remains for now, the USA. Amid a so called endless war against their enemies, they have engaged the military machine of the USA in three wars.

The first engagement ostensibly justified by the consent they manufactured and now the worlds opium population and vast natural resource reserves are under their ownership. The second war was to free a population from a tyrant although millions of them have now been killed or displaced, and all suffer a lower quality of life. Meanwhile the financial consortium in control of the armies now owns the banks and the oil while the citizens in the US footed the bill for their conquest and expansion.

In 2011 we now enter a third conflict to free another people and the rebels in their spare time have already set up a new central bank. Please don’t think.

This global syndicate, this financial oligarchy is so powerful it can command the US armed forces as a policy enforcement tool. It can manufacture the consent to commit whatever act it desires, to gain more money, more power, and more control over everything. This syndicate makes politicians dance like puppets. They are there because they are saleable to the populations. Given a properly created media persona, the serfs are willing to go along with the narrative. The politicians who are selected and promoted into contention by their media are  easy to blackmail and keep in line because they are all criminals or deviants or both, who will unwaveringly display their loyalty to the New Bolsheviks or else.

These people who own and control everything will soon send representatives to their media to tell you that a global currency is necessary. They will tell you a central global financial authority is necessary to consolidate their power and control over the world and that this is good. They will manufacture a reason why you must support it and their media will sing the praises of it. You will be put on notice that your way of life is changing and that your austerity and sacrifice is required.

Your quality of life as a citizen of any of the participant countries  is set to diminish in every way from the quality of the food you eat, to the purchasing power of any remaining disposable income. You will be used until you are used up. At the same time a handful of global financial oligarchs, the families who control these entities will all live a lifestyle approximating or eclipsing royalty as they rule over their global serfdom, with their ownership transcending any national boundaries.

Coming soon to you, a New World Order which you can see but at the same time are told does not exist….

We will all soon be living in a totalitarian world of a global central bank from which a world government in drag is projected. The local politicians, the heads of state having all now been reduced to foot lickers, taking their orders from the people who now project power globally via control of the nations they own. The world will be reduced to a global police state, or anarchy.

The head of the IMF, a member of the communist party will make the rules and allocate the wealth to his global financial network of oligarchs who represent the shareholders of these entities. You will be told it is necessary. You will be told it is good. You will be encouraged not to think. You will wake up one day financially enslaved and having relinquished all your freedoms. You and your government will owe them everything. They will make the rules because they own the politicians. They will tell you what to think because they own the media. New wars will start in their continued conquest. Something terrible will have happened to the only world we all have to live in.

Meet the New Bolsheviks.

For further reading, please see Who Owns the Federal Reserve and Why Don’t You Know

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