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The Heat Boffinator

April 30, 2013 5 comments

Presenting an experimental heating appliance with the following attributes:

  • Power Ventilation ensures adequate draft tested to 10 pascals negative pressure
  • Multi Fuel
  • >99 percent of combustion heat into living space for high efficiency
  • sealed combustion chamber = very low interior emissions
  • low temperature / low emission exhaust
  • quick modular disassembly for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • pre heated fresh air intake
  • 1000+ hours in use operation

The Heat Boffinator

photo1 (1)

The main working components [modified] are

  • Morso 1410 “Squirrel” wood burning stove [mod= functional lower vent]
  • Magic Heat Air to Air heat Exchanger [mod = 120F thermal switch and wiring changes]
  • Tjernlund AD-1 – Auto-Draft Draft Inducer [mod = mechanical ]
  • 2″x5.7″ circular catalytic converter module [no mod]

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