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A spiral water wheel in pictures

July 11, 2010 8 comments

Design submitted by Eb Dawson
Somewhere in the Mountains
The first in a series of living comfortably off your land
the realization of an engineering design modeled in google sketchup and constructed on site
EarthBlog News

A spiral water wheel capable of pumping to 24 foot head (volume determined by rpm) with integrated two level water tower. Level 1 and 2 irrigation water storage drums to be added upon completion and service entry in spring 2011. Level 2 tank provides continuous drip irrigation to garden. Level 1 tank provides 15 psi and 55 gallon instantaneous capacity.

Close up shows concrete base with embedded 6×6 main support column. Water wheel pivot arm = 2 2x6x14′ pressure treated yellow pine with two 6x6x1′ binding blocks. Main pivot bearing is 5/8 heat treated steel drilled and hammered through main support pole and bolted through pivot arm.

Close up shows pickup tube and 75 feet of 3/4 inch pvc collector tubing, water comes out of main stainless steel 2 inch drive shaft with 2 inch pillow block bearings which are bolted through 2x10x2′  main axle support board with 4 1/2 inch galvanized steel bolts.

Shows ladder to top level where irrigation water storage drum will sit

Close up of main drive shaft with water coming out. Rotating  hydraulic  bearing will pump water 16 feet from creek level into top water storage barrel. Welded 3/4 inch ss main tube water entry flange (opposite side) not shown. Guy wire can be seen which lifts arm out of water for maintenance or in inclement weather. Guy wire runs from arm end to trailer winch on main support arm.

Wheel is 8′ in diameter and has 12 1′ x 2′ paddles material is cedar and pine painted with epoxy enamel. Central hub is 3/4 advantech. Secured to main shaft with welded flange and 4 1/2 inch stainless bolts with ss lock nuts.

Close up of central hub assembly showing guy wire

Pickup tube is 2 1/2 inch lightweight PVC

Full view showing upper and lower towers, winch handle on main pole, 2 8×16 concrete brick counterweight on main arm.

Single hub 12 paddle spiral water wheel with integrated two level water tower and controllable pivot arm established as prior art Saturday Jul 10, 2010

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