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Google censors free speech


See what content Google found objectionable (and deleted without warning) here.

EarthBlog News has been inundated with inquiries regarding the Daily Citizen, which was deleted by Google on Feb 3, 2010. A decision was made in Jan. 2010 to provide this news stream as a public service to educate the public regarding what is really going on in the world. Public hunger for this free reality based news flow had Daily Citizen readership climbing by 30% per day and reaching into the thousands of unique IP hits per day in only one month prior to it’s deletion by Google.

The Daily Citizen news was the same news flow published in the EarthBlog News subscription newsletter. As of now, there is no way to get the Daily Citizen news except to subscribe to EarthBlog News.  At the top of this blog you will find a sample copy of the EarthBlog News and subscription information. There are no concrete plans at this time to attempt to re establish the Daily Citizen.

Censorship is ugly, and it’s even uglier when a supposed proponent of free speech is engaged in it.

In 2010, censorship is increasing around the world.  At this point, even the EarthBlog news is being occasionally censored (bounced) by several large ISP’s. The primary mechanism of internet censorship is not usually as overt and draconian as a blog deletion, and usually takes place in the form of  so called “standard filter sets”, where various special interests lobby to have certain web domains blocked. These so called “standard filter sets” are then passed around and pushed on ISP’s, resulting in blockage of any transmission including them.

The US corporate media would have you believe this occurs only in places like China and Iran, when the fact is that the US is becoming heavily censored based on nefarious and underhanded means like blocking web domains, altering hit counters on popular youtube videos so as to create an illusion of low viewership and lower visibility in the rankings and so on.

The bottom line….the only conclusion I can reach, is that the truth has become the enemy of the state and we are living in an increasingly dangerous and Orwellian world where the idea of a Democracy or a Constitutional Republic has been replaced with the idea of pacifying and placating a disinformed and uninformed population in a cooperation between big media, big corporations and government. Mussolini called that Fascism.

Edit: Add
Google Censorship: Bans Sale of DVDs Critical of Obama Administration
Author: Mac Slavo
February 16th, 2010

Controlling the Ability of People and Organizations to Access the Internet
by Bob Chapman
Global Research, February 14, 2010
The International Forecaster
Under the guise of “protecting Americans” and choosing itself in so-called “national security,” the current Obama administration wants to be able to control the ability of people and organizations to access the Internet. This concept on its face seems very harmless and in the best interest of the country, however, having the ability to “turn the Internet off or shutting down sites that Obama considers “dangerous” including particular political groups, individuals or organizations who espouse differing views has far reaching political, financial, moral and legal implications. Such a policy imposed under Executive Order to control what enters Internet sites and what is shared daily would stifle free speech in direct violation of the First Amendment rights of all Americans.
Global Research

Australia censorship debate censored on Communications minister’s website
It’s all kind of ironic when you think about it
By John Ozimek
If you’re planning to censor free speech on the internet, what better approach to take than to, er, censor debate about how you’re planning to censor free speech on the internet? Brilliant. That, according to one sharp-eyed Register reader, is the game being played by Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, whose ministerial website is currently set up so as not to show searches on embarrassing terms such as “ISP filtering”.

  1. Marissa
    February 13, 2010 at 10:44 am

    Yes, of course. When your other website ceased with only the heading that it had been deleted by google censorship, and then even that reference to censorship disappeared and the heading said merely that the site had been deleted by google….yes, I found that frightening. And yes, the media is heavily censored and self-censored, in the west as commonly as in more criticized countries.

    Sometimes when I’m searching for something I believe the US media would sooner bury, I use a variety of international search engines. Amazing what they turn up that google will not. It is also useful to be fluent in more than one language and have a dual alphabet keyboard. This will also turn up a variety of options not available on English only search engines.

    However, internet censorship is much like the bill collection industry. They only manage to shake out those who give up easily…..

    I see that you are not one of them. I will continue to follow your new site and hope you continue to write the truth as you see it, even when that truth is dangerous and unflattering to those who would prefer we follow along in line as instructed.

    Tenacious good work to have put up a new site. Best wishes. Stay one step ahead and keep up the good work and insightful writings. We are here.

  2. February 23, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    First of all Congrats on the new website.

    Secondly, Google absolutely does censor. Most of my posts were deleted of the same ‘Help’ forum and a link to all pertinent “Blog Deleted” posts were also cleaned to stop people seeing the evidence for themselves

    see for yourself

    Also Google-sanctioned helpers publicly stated


    nitecruzr: QUOTE:

    Trina is a confirmed spammer, and a troll. Until Blogger can flush her permanently, we’ll have to ignore her.

    We have created an awareness campaign of these practices and will document the ongoing infractions and provide commentary on the backgound. Please tell all Bloggers and help them become informed about what fate awaits them if they blithely continue trusting Googel



    • February 23, 2010 at 2:30 pm

      Hi Trina.

      We have started a site called Google Censors Free Speech

      We back it up regularly so when they delete we will just start a new one.

      If you have articles relating to google censorship, please let us know and we will post them there.

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